What Members Are Saying

Alice Ward~
I love my church! I received a call Just now asking me my prayer requests and right then and there the caller prayed. There is no greater gift during this time than to pray for others. And on top of that it was a true prayer warrior who interceded so I know God heard it! 
Thank you Aunt Rosie Pea!
Thank you William Dwight McKissic Sr.
I love you Pastor ♥️ ain’t another that can take his place!!

Even Non-members Are Sharing!

Good morning, I am from St. Louis. I would like to let Cornerstone know that morning prayer has been medicine to my soul! Last week I was at my wits end, but God’s mercies are new every morning, great is His faithfulness!!!! Right now my bank account is running over with His mercies and grace! Thank you and stay on the wall Cornerstone! YOU ARE DOING A GREAT WORK IN THE KINGDOM!!!