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Join us for a live stream of our Sunday morning services at 10AM each week. 

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 To view our live stream and archived videos of previous services click one of the links above. 


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We didn't forget about our kids! Each Sunday we will post a video link that you can watch with your children then discuss it with them. There will also be downloads available with coloring sheets, mazes, activities and puzzles that go along with the lesson. Click the links below! 

  Jesus Calms The Storm - Matthew 8       Video not available until Sunday, March 29

Jesus calms the storm like never before! This amazing account from Matt. 8:22 centers on a miraculous moment where Jesus commands a storm to be still! This kids Bible video and activities will make the perfect addition your in-home worship experience this Sunday. Download the printable activities for your kids and share the story pages with them and go over the questions and answers with them to make sure they fully understand that in these days, with the constant talk of and threat of the coronavirus, that JESUS will calm this storm as well.

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All Activity Pages (maze, crossword puzzle, spot the difference, coloring pages, and a bookmark activity)

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